Moving A Blog from MovableType Services to Google's Blogger

Upload your MT formatted data and get XML formatted data.
I have one more blog on FC2 blog service, but I mainly use Google's blogger now. It's more convenient for me to manage my blog, because I use other Google's services like Picasa. So, I searched methods to import old blog's data into this blog.

Blogger requires XML formatted data to import, but FC2 blog service allows us to download the blog data in MovableType (MT) format. So, we have to convert MT formatted data into XML format. I found converting service on the web.

This service allows us to convert MT formatted data into XML format with few steps.
  1. Upload MT formatted data
  2. Download converted data
That's all. :)
Then, you can import the converted data into your blog on Blogger. We have to re-upload images or movies if your posts have links for them. "Post date" of imported articles are set to the time when you import the data. (not set to original "post date")

I finally did not import my old blog's data because many posts of the data no longer useful information. I'm going to choose articles which may still useful and rewrite them into this blog one-bye-one.

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