Attended Google Developer Day 2010 Japan

The 28th of Sep. I attended Google Developer Day 2010 Japan (GDD) at Tokyo International Forum. I got participation right as "Super Hacker slot." I solved all of DevQuiz, but I don't think I'm a SUPER hacker haha. :P

You can read many detailed reports about GDD, so I write few topics.
If you want to know the details, find them with...
Official Site: http://www.google.co.jp/events/developerday/2010/tokyo/
Twitter: @googledevjp or #gdd2010jp
Official Photos: Picasa
and...please Google

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To make High Performance Android Apps by Mr. Tim Bray
  • Don't use I/O or networking task in UI thread.
    • 25ms loss even if you issue I/O task for 1 byte
    • Ping on 3G takes 108, 350, 500, 800ms
  • Show a progress dialog when a process takes longer than 200ms
  • If it's not fast enough, don't guess. Measure and find out why.
  • Indexing makes reading fast but writing slow (SQLite)
    • Use text for loging
I think these advice are useful for general user applications.

And, interesting sites Googler introduced.
HTML5 Rocks: Show Case for New Feature of HTML5

Fiabee: Online Storage for Backup

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