Change SVN Eclipse-plugin from Subclipse to Subversive

I read some articles says "Subversive better than Subclipse." So, I changed SVN plugin from Subclipse to Subversive.

Uninstall Subclipse and install Sebversive in Eclipse Market Place.
Althogh existent checked out projects are not recognized as SVN projects, you do not have to checked them out again. Delete the projects from workspace (DO NOT DELETE FROM YOUR DISK!!) and import the projects again.

Eclipse の SVN プラグインにはこれまで Subclipse を使っていましたが,
Subversive の方が何となく評判良さそうなので乗り換えてみることに.

Eclipse Market Place にて Subclipse を uninstall し, Subversive を install.
一旦 workspace からプロジェクトを削除し(ディスクから消さないように!),
再度インポートすると SVN のプロジェクトとして認識されます.