Getting Nexus One in Japan

Early this year, Google released a new android phone "Nexus One" by HTC; however, Google sales it in few countries. Japan isn't included them!! :(

Google's phone shop rejects accesses from Japan. They says "Sorry, the Nexus One is not available in your country." But I really want it., so I used Hotspot Shield and Spear Net to get Nexus One.

In Japan, there is no service provider which officially supports "SIM Free Phones" with flat-rate/low pricing. I think that is stupid. Docomo is gonna release Xperia X10 in April, so I expect they start a reasonable pricing for Xperia. I strongly hope that they also support SIM Free Phones. Until that, I use Nexus One with only WiFi.

Hotspot Shield: a free VPN service

Spear Net: a forwarding service

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