Gadget1: An Event of Handheld Devices and Social Applications

I attended "Gadget1" which is an event of handheld devices and social applications. Gadget1 was held at the Oracle Aoyama center in Tokyo.
Gadget1's website: http://gadget1.jus.or.jp/

There were many geeks attendees and hot presenters. I report this event little.

Feel Sketch
An AR application using a PC, a printer and a handheld device which has a camera. Draw a picture on the PC with a drawing application, then convert it into PM code* and print it on a paper. When you take the printed code with your camera, the picture you wrote is superimposed on the camera's image in real time. The author said that this application could be used in stores as digital signage.
* PM code is similar to QR code, but PM code is colorful (color is 3rd dimension).

A social application sharing information about what people eat. This application works on Facebook and Twitter now. Take a picture of foods you eat and upload with its information (e.g. place, price and description) using iPhones, androids or web browsers. Users can see what they ate each other.

Comparison of Nexus One with HTC Magic (HT-03A)
Nexus One has about twice high frequency CPU than Magic and almost same capacity battery with Magic, but Nexus One has a Magic-like stamina. So the presenter said that Nexus One may have great power-saving mechanisms.
And he demonstrate sprite tests on them. Using "Canvas", Nexus One is about twice faster than Magic. Using "OpenGL", however, Nexus One is only about 1.5 times faster than Magic. It is because, "Canvas" reflects only CPU's difference, but "OpenGL" does not. I think that Nexus One's CPU spec is much greater than its other specs.

Carevo Cam
Cerevo Cam is a web-friendly digital steal camera. When you take pictures using this camera, it automatically uploads them to web albums, blogs or SNS through wireless LAN or 3G network (e-mobile only now).
One of my hobby is photograph, so I wanna take pictures with my favorite camera. Then, Cerevo Cam doesn't make an appeal for me.
Cerevo's website: http://cerevo.com/

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